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We invite, solicit, and desire a variety of submissions: field notes, ethnographic essays, methodological reflections, fieldwork dilemmas, visual essays, and even ethnographic fiction, poetry, comics and illustrations

A tangential field note that you do not know what to do with but are still attached to? Send it to us!

A bunch of photographs that tell us a story? Thought you’d never ask.

An entry from your journal from the day you had the most fun during fieldwork? Absolutely, yes!

A painful encounter in the field that you want to recount as catharsis? Consider this the right home for it. 

Some fieldwork non-fiction with which you have been considering flexing your essay writing skills? We would love it.

Please pitch your idea to us at We promise to get back to you within a week.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • For longform ethnographic essays, we request authors stay under 3000 words, excluding references and footnotes.
  • For methodological reflections, we request authors stay under 2500 words, excluding references and footnotes.
  • For photo essays, we ask for no more than 12 photos and a maximum of 1000 words of accompanying texts.
  • While our podcast is mostly “invitation only”, if you have written an ethnographic book that you would like to talk about, do reach out!
  • Editing is hard work and we give it a lot of our time, so we hope you respect that by NOT sending us work that is already under review or consideration elsewhere.
  • We are currently unable to pay our contributors. Hopefully, in the near future, we will be able to.

P.S.: We encourage bilingual submissions.

P.P.S.: We are open to pitches from ethnographers in any discipline, even though this website is being managed by two sociologists.

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